Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lankan air hostess sad death in Doha Qatar


Last Friday Sri Lankan cabin crew member Ammendra De Kauwe died due to Desert safari Jeep accident in Doha Qatar. Ammendra De Kauwe was with her friends including her boyfriend when the accident happen. 
They were on their day off and went for desert Safari tour at Sea Line desert.

According to reports total of six passengers were inside the jeep. However Ammendra De Kauwe lost her life while her boyfriend got serious injuries. Ammendra De Kauwe's boyfriend Hilary who also works for Sri Lankan Air Lines admited to Doha hospital immediately.

Hilary's condition is now ok and they are scheduled to return to Home country Sri Lanka. The pilot Vasantha's wife Nayomi Aluthgamage ( Vasantha who died by the recent mini air craft crash at Akkurassa ) also was among them but she only got miner injuries. 

Ammendra De Kauwe and Hilary were planning to get their wedding next year. But now Ammendra has gone so far from him. Ammendra De Kauwe was one of best staff among Sri Lankan Cabin crew team. Many of her friends say that she is a kind hearted person for every one.