Friday, August 30, 2013

Amaradewa master the Great Singer

This musician whose contribution to the music scene in Sri Lanka spanning a period of more than five decades has been an incomparable one. His music has been the most influential force in forging what could be called a truly Sri Lankan music with a unique national character and identity. At a time in the past when Sinhala music was at crossroads, his music provided the necessary direction and infused it with a fresh vigor. From that time onwards his musical creations have captured the hearts of several generations of music lovers, both young and old. It would not be an exaggeration to say that hardly a single lover of Sri Lankan music can be found who has not fallen under the spell of the smooth, velvet-like and yet deep and resonant, voice of his. Perhaps his greatness lies in his ability to create a range of emotions in the listener with that richly expressive voice of his which immediately 'transports' the listener to a world of his own. Firmly rooted in the rich musical traditions of the land, Pandit Amaradevas repertoire of musical compositions displays an astonishing variety. For thousands of Sri Lankans living abroad specially, his music has brought nostalgic and often poignant memories of the motherland. This son of the soil is truly a gift of the gods to the nation.

The best creations during Pandit Amaradeva's career spanning six decades will be presented at a unique concert to be held at the BMICH Wednesday 15 July 2004 at 7 p.m. Titled 'Amara Piya Sara' (Footprints of Amaradeva) the concert will feature the most memorable creations throughout his career.

"A memorable flashback on a long career" is how Pandit Amaradeva describes the show.

The concert will provide a rare opportunity for audiences to taste the best from Amaradeva's renderings over radio and television as well as from concerts, films, drama and ballet.

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