Thursday, May 22, 2014

Siri PArakum movie and Shenali Fonseka

Somarathna Dissanayake and Renuka Balasooriya directed the movie Siri Parakum. The movie is a story about one of Sri Lankan Great King Parakramabahu II.  The 1st queen of the king dies in child birth, the prince survives. After the 2nd queen, gives birth to a new prince, she plots to kill the 1st prince, so that her son would get the crown after the king.

A soldier senses this danger and ousts the prince to a rural village for survival. The village headman adopts the child without knowing the origin of the child. The prince gradually forgets his royalty, and grows up as a skilful and handsome farmer. After the death of the king, the soldier and religious leaders plan to bring the real prince to the crown.

The main actor of the movie is Akila Anthony who is the elder son of Jackson Anthony and the main actress is beautiful upcoming actress Senali Fonseka.