Monday, May 26, 2014

Swapna Wedding ( Deepika Sing )

Swapna mega teledrama is well famous amoung Sri Lankans these days. The main actress in the Swapna is Deepika Sing. Many of the Sri Lankans knowm her as Swapna. Recently Deepika Sing married to a Indian film director. His name is Rohit Raj. The wedding ceremony was held on 2nd of May at 2 am early in the morning. The wedding was traditional type. Many of Indian television stars participated for Deepika's wedding. Some of the Stars arrived morning to wish for the new couple.

For a recent Newspaper article Deepika Sing has told that her boy friend is a star but I cannot reveal his name now. But now every one knows that he is none other than Rohit Raj. Deepika also said that she had a dream since her childhood to become a famous actress one day. She says my dream has come true and I need to be a good wife for my husband.

Deepika and Rohit  families are extremely happy with their decision to tie the knot.  Deepika’s mother also  approached Rohit with the rishta post which the couple got closer and decided to tie the knot.One of a friend of Deepika said  “They are extremely happy together. In fact, Rohit is head over heels in love with Deepika and so is she. They could have opted to live-in or hide their marriage from the world like most of the celebrities but they wanted to be open about it and that’s exactly what they are doing.”