Sunday, March 23, 2014

Aircraft 189 - Air canada plane crash

Air Canada 189 flight kept unremarkable black point in aviation history as the flight crashed while trying to takeoff from the runaway. This accident happened at Toronto runaway. Only two passengers were died of the pane accident. The flight was scheduled to fly Ottawa to Vancouver via Toronto and Winnipeg. The departure time for the Air Canada 189 scheduled at 8.15 am from the Toronto. During takeoff on the runaway one of the DC-9-32 fired and partially disintegrated, firing chunks of rubber into the landing gear mechanism. The pilot noticed this and decided to abort the takeoff. But already the aircraft has traveled two thirds along the runaway and its speed was 285 km/h. So the plane could not stop at the end of the runaway. Finally the Air Canada plunged off the end of an runaway and moved by about 110 km/h speed to the front. At last the aircraft broke in to 3 pieces but luckily did not make a fire. This accident was clearly visible to the other passengers and airport staffs who were at the waiting area.

Though two passengers were died 105 other passengers and crew aboard were injured and rushed to the hospital. Seventy three years old J.Frank Scrase of Victoria and forty five years old Irwin Theodore of North York were the two passengers who died of this accident. The pilot was Reginald W.Stewart. After the incident investigation found several causes for this accident. The investigators also highlighted the level of training in emergency braking. This failure to expand the airport's overshoot zone was raised when Air France Flight 358 plunged into the same ravine 27 years later.

The other cause the investigators highlighted was the pilot fault. he has delayed four seconds after the warning light came on before he chose to abort the takeoff; a more immediate decision would have prevented the accident. However according to the airlines customary any flight number which did a major accident would be retire. But Air Canada 189 did not retire its flight number , 189. It continues to use the flight number.