Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sangeeth and Udari's wedding photo

Aththamma teledrama is the second episode of the 'Malee' teledrama. In the Malee teledrama Samadi Arunachaya's daughter Sarathee is the second main character in the Aththamma series.

However in the Aththamma teledrama Samadi Arunachaya dose not appear. The main role is doing by the one of Sri Lankan best actress Duleeka Marapana. Most probably Aththamma teledrama would be the most famous mega drama at present.

Aththamma is not only famous in the Sri Lanka. Many of Sri Lankans who live out side of the Sri Lanka also addicted to follow it through internet. Udari Kaushalya Udaya Kumar is the actress who acts as a Sarathee. In the teledrama her boyfriend is :"Daraka' But now every one knows that Daraka and Udari had a real love affair.

The love affair started while the shooting of Aththammal teledrama. Daraka's real name is Sangeeth Satharasingha. Udari and Sangeeth got married today at their real life. Both said that they have planned to continue their future studies .