Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Manjula Thilini in live TV program

Manjula Thilini is a talentad actress in our Sinhala Cinema. She is the second wife of former Sri Lankan cricket captain Thilakarathna dilshan. Dilshan was married earlier and kids also. However due to some rumors Dilshan started to suspect his wife. Somehow he was manage to marry his new girlfriend manjula Thilini before he receives the divorce certificate from the courts. Currently Manjula and her husband is living in Pitakotte. They worked hard to earn money and finally they were lucky enough to success their dream. They open a new fashion mart in Rajagiriya. 

The name of the shop is DL TEST. Recently Manjula participated a TNL live program with other film and teledrama stars. Bandu Samarasingha also participated the program . He tried to tease Manjula Thilini in the program and the program becomes very funny due to bandu’s funny stories. watch the video
Hope you enjoy the video.  Currently Manjula and Dilshan having two kids. For the open eremony of Dilshan's fashion shop many artist were participated. 

According to recent newspapers and website gossips Dilshan has tried to take his first marriage son abroad. Dilshan's previous wife has made a police complain on this regard, report says. However Dilshan deny the allegation and he says that he has taken his son to a studio to take some photographs.